This is terrifying.

Peter Watkins makes films that I want to make.  Well, not exactly, but I’ve always wanted to make documentaries about things that never happened.  Not “mockumentaries,” per se, but documentaries about fake historical events that are so well researched and fit seemlessly into a certain time period.  As the movie progresses, I would want the audience to realize that things are a little “off,” and the situation would become subtley more ridiculous.

The following clip is from a very disturbing piece that we discussed in class about what life would be like if a nuclear attack struck London.  When we were talking about it, I thought, “sure, maybe it was scary for its time and place, but I bet it won’t be that bad.”  Then I watched it alone, in the dark, late at night.  Not a great idea.  Although the film does say, “this is what could POSSIBLY happen if…” as a viewer you’re so sucked in by the images and explosions that it still feels real.


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