Experiments in Lumiere

I often take long walks in Manhattan by myself.  Usually, I am killing time before an appointment or plans with a friend.  Either way, I bring myself into Manhattan not knowing what I will do or where I will go.  Sometimes I hit a familiar building, such as the Bobst Library or a Chipotle.  Other times I just…walk.  This is great exercise, but not just physically. It’s an exercise in paying attention, noticing, observing, absorbing.  I’m by myself a lot, so I often feel like some unnoticeable intruder who is secretly mentally recording the comings and goings and conversations of thousands of people while weaving through the grid.   I think it’s the only true way to get a feel for an atmosphere, when you’re not distracted by being late or commuting with a set destination in mind.  It has, however, made me really indecisive and picky about where I choose to spend my time.  “I’ll just walk a little further and see if there’s anything better.”

This is the mindset with which I completed Assignment #8, where we had to record a minute-long video similar to the Lumiere Brothers. 1 minute, static shot, a three-act scene unfolding naturally.  As you guessed, I couldn’t limit myself to including just one.  The first one, though, is what I will submit as my assignment.  The other two are just for fun.


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