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Friday Morning Post-Class Thought

If I could play the drums in any way even remotely approaching what Glenn Kotche does here, I’d be a very happy media studies student.  I better keep practicing.

This song needs to be used as a soundtrack for something. Maybe everything.


Connie Converse According to Gene Deitch

I am working on a documentary about Connie Converse.  Eventually, I hope to make it my thesis in the MA program here at The New School.  The documentary will not only ask the question “Who is Connie Converse?” but also, “Where did she go?” To those who knew her, Connie Converse was a daughter, a sister, a sister-in-law, a friend, a scholar, a poet, an artist, a political activist, a composer, and a musician. She was indeed all of those things, but as one can tell from her personal writings, Connie was much more. She was a human in a lifelong battle with herself. Each year brought more disappointment and loneliness as she struggled to connect herself to this world while seeking commercial success for her work. Faced with major surgery, an impending trip to be spent sober with her mother, and a crippling sense of failure, Connie Converse drove off in her Volkswagen bug leaving only notes of goodbye. The year was 1974 and she was 50 years old. Connie was never heard from again, and all we have left is a filing cabinet of papers and her haunting, beautiful Musicks.  She deserves the recognition and attention paid to her work that she always yearned for…and I will get it for her!

Below you will first find a 1 minute clip from an hour and fifteen minute long interview with Gene Deitch.  Gene Deitch is the only person who ever recorded Connie.  He lives in Prague so I interviewed him via Skype with use of a shotgun microphone.  The second clip is of a 3-minute “radio show”-like piece, complete with music and SFX.  I think the SFX are cheezy, but what can you do.  It was a part of the assignment!  And at least you get to hear some excerpts from Connie’s songs.  Enjoy!

Assignment #6

1 minute with Gene Deitch

Assignment #7

A short radio piece about Connie Converse


What’s that Sound?

Scrape – light thunk of skateboards on hard granite and cement surfaces. Background ambience of the fountain spraying up and around in all directions, landing in its own shallow pool of water.  Constant small conversations passing. Police car woooop, ambulance in the distance. Thank You Thank You Thank You back with a wrinkle crackle revealing chafing of a chinese take-out box.  Sporadic, unenthusiastic political chanting that more resembles a joint murmur of the Our Father in high school mass held in a gymnasium. Tourists’ laughter emanating from shuffling Ugg boots.  Shuffle scuffle other feet. A man in his 60s be-bops to himself. High heels clinking under duress, trying to sound sexy and comfortable – not succeeding. Uneven. Is that a plane?  That was a motorcycle over there. 1 new relationship kiss. Keys jingling in suede jacket of man. Another play. 1 more new relationship kiss, barely audible. Slightly unnatural.  Hand sweeps over back of cotton shirt and shoulder.  Three rapid-fire coughs ahead. Uuuuuhhhhgooooggghhh of a truck. Probably has meat in it. And yes, that’s another plane.

Field Recordings

These sound clips were recorded in McCarren Park in Brooklyn, NY.  I have a few more sounds, but I am aware that sharing work in class is not the time for letting my Obsessive Completist flag hang high.  Please click the image or the link below.